Have been dealing with Sue at Belmatic for about a year and she has always been efficient with orders/requests and deliveries. Darren Parker – Aimlab Automation Tech
I have had great success with time sensitive deliveries, as well as normal deliveries. Paul Farrow – AN Cooke
We have very few suppliers that can compensate for our own mistakes in providing the parts with insufficient time to process.

Nothing is ever too hard to accommodate our requests.

Excellent service in all areas.

Roger Bates – AN Cooke
The finished quality of the products we provide to Belmatic has regularly been of a very high standard.

Management and staff are always courteous. Staff always prepared to go that little bit extra. We find the professionalism and experience of the engineers employed are first rate.

Larry Wood – Bearing Distributors
I will certainly recommend your business to others. Michael Willmott – Locker Group
Service good and deliveries are on time to meet our production schedule.

All personnel were very good, always replied to questions and answers.

Highly committed on Metro Door Project. Well represented by Belmatic’s project manager.

John Smith – Metro Trains Melbourne
I always found Sue and David helpful. David is always happy to spend time to help solve problems and is very knowledgeable. Douglas Donaldson – Polyweld