Traditional engineering manufacturing still provides real benefits in the age of CAD and CNC.
Traditional engineering
  • Belmatic has a traditional machining and fabrication workshop.
  • Engineering manufacturing done the old way, with pride and craftsmanship.
  • Our lathes, mills, drills etc are all precision controlled by expert hands.
No CAD required
  • No CAD drawing?
  • Too difficult or costly to get one drawn? No problem!
  • Belmatic can manufacture a new component from a sample, simple dimensions or show us what you want to achieve with a sketch or a photo.
Rare spares
  • Old car or motorbike? Trusty agricultural or production equipment?
  • Many machines in use today are not supported by original spare parts. Too old and not enough demand for it to be worthwhile to stock them.
  • Luckily, Belmatic custom-make ‘rare spares’ to order.
Repair or refurbish
  • Not everything that is worn or broken needs to be replaced.
  • Scratched and scarred parts may be re-machined, linished or polished.
  • Worn parts may be re-sleeved or metal replaced by investment welding.
  • Broken parts may be welded or damaged threads re-tapped.
Expert advice
  • Belmatic make it easy for you- call to discuss your requirements.
  • Get FREE expert advice about getting your part made or repaired.
  • We’ll quote a fixed hourly rate and a time estimate before you order.