Frequently Asked Questions


Q1). What are microencapsulated adhesive coatings?
Microencapsulated adhesive coatings are inert until the fastener is assembled to its mating part, whereby a chemical reaction is initiated that locks the parts together. The strength of that bond can be matched to the application by changing the formulation.

Q2). Do the microencapsulated adhesive coatings have a dry finish?
Yes, microencapsulated coatings have a dry finish which ensures easy handling and no OH&S worries.

Q3). How long does the adhesive coating last?
The shelf life before use is two years and, once used, the coating will last indefinitely dependent on temperature and how many times the screw is done up and released. Belmatic has had a 0% failure on all microencapsulated adhesive coatings.

Q4). What happens if the adhesive coating is exposed to oil or water?
Robust stability ensures the coating remains unaffected by exposure to most common containment liquids including oil, gasoline, acids, salt-spray, air and water.

Q5). What are thread sealants?
Belmatic-applied thread sealants on your fasteners will cure to form a tough insoluble plastic filler, ensuring tight joints and good elasticity to cope with vibration, changing pressures or fluctuating temperatures.

Q6). What does ‘friction through viscosity’ mean?
This is a combined locking and sealing coating. It is not an adhesive, nor an anaerobic, but instead utilises a special blend of acrylic resins to prevent fasteners from loosening, even under extreme vibration or torque. Simply, it is tension held in the joint via the presence of the compound, interfering by filling the means of clearance within the threads.

Q7). Do thread sealants withstand high temperatures and changing pressures?
Belmatic applied thread sealants are used in a broad range of sealing or locking applications to seal effectively under high pressure and over a wide range of temperatures.

Q8). What are thread lubricants?
Pre-applied lubricant coatings reduce thread friction, allowing effective tightening at higher drive speeds with less operator fatigue. Belmatic-applied thread lubricants let your production line run faster.

Q9). Will a thread lubricant application reduce application torque?
Yes, Belmatic have specialised coatings available for low-drive torque. This is ideal when controlled low drive is needed during assembly, reducing installation torque on tri-lobular or self-threading screws. This essentially leads to faster assembly times and reduced production costs.

Q10). How does the thread lubricant application minimise snapping/breaking of screws?
Belmatic-applied thread lubricants improve torque clamp-down and speed up assembly operations by reducing heat build-up and thread galling in long rundowns and ensuring uniform clamp loading which minimises the incidence of fasteners shearing during assembly.

Q11). What are anti-friction coatings?
Pre-applied anti-friction coatings provide reduced thread friction, on both insertion and subsequent removal. This all adds up to less wear-n-tear and lower maintenance costs.

Q12). Do anti-friction coatings have a strong resistance against solvents, oils, grease or paints?
The key benefits of Belmatic’s anti-friction coatings include: the ability to withstand exposure to high temperatures; resistance to adhesion and abrasion; resistant to solvents, oils, grease or paints; and the protection against electrostatic corrosion.

Q13). Will anti-friction coatings reduce excessive wear, corrosion and seizing on threaded fasteners?
Belmatic has specialist coatings available for anti-seize/anti-friction coatings on your threaded fasteners. This will prevent seizing, galling, pitting, excessive wear and corrosion.

Q14). Do any of the coating materials have any dangerous chemicals or fumes?
Belmatic-applied materials, once dry, do not have any dangerous chemicals or fumes (although care needs to be taken when threading the screws as some residue may be found). Belmatic’s applied adhesives stop rattles, applied sealants stop leaks, applied lubricants stop binding and friction, and applied engineering stop problems. This is because we have no drips, no mess, no fumes and no worries.

Q15). Have Belmatic conducted any major engineering assemblies?
Yes, since the 1970s Belmatic has made and maintained automatic door-closing equipment used on Victorian Suburban trains.

Q16). Are Belmatic products certified?
At Belmatic, we are committed to continuously improve our management performance. Where appropriate, Belmatic apply fastener coatings that comply with the standards of the automotive, aeronautical or defence industries.

Q17). How do I know what coating application I should use?
Belmatic staff have expert advice and experience, this knowledge is available to you for FREE when you ask for us to provide the ideal solution. Quotes and samples are made available to ensure you have the correct information to suit your needs.

Q18). What are the lead turnaround times for jobs?
Belmatic ensures flexible scheduling and fast-turnaround times. You can generally expect a two-week turnaround, although with larger orders, delivery can be made in part shipments or as negotiated. We endeavour to always meet your urgent requirements.

Q19). What sort of delivery process does Belmatic have?
Belmatic does not use couriers; rather, our customers are advised when jobs are ready for collection.

Q20). Can I provide samples to Belmatic for coating to ensure the material is correct?
At Belmatic, we are always happy to receive your samples, a drawing or the necessary measurements along with the sample will ensure we can provide the right coating for your specified needs.